Get ready! We're going live at Midnight, December 31, 2018!

The Foundation (501c3) creates inspiring documentary films and provides
 life-altering inspirational speakers from the worlds of action sports, arts, sciences, humanitarian groups, activism,
business, and more, at no cost to schools, NGO's, and other qualified non-profits. helps people affect change within themselves and in the lives of others by helping them identify the crux of what stops them from truly living more and giving more in life.

We believe that people want to do more with their lives. They want to experience more, grow more, love more, live more and ultimately, give more.
We believe that when people begin to help themselves, they become happier, more content, feel more alive, and they are more motivated and better able to help others.

With these core beliefs and philosophy in mind, we want to help people identify the things that stop them from achieving these goals,
and inspire them to take the first steps to living a fuller, richer, more authentic, philanthropic life.

Get ready to live more and give more!